James Bradshaw was born 10th Oct 1802, but there was no mention of a father s name on his birth record.

He went to Norfolk Island with his parents, and was baptised on the island.

He returned on the Lady Nelson, in 1808.

With his brother William, he worked with his father supplying meat to the colony.

On 8th August  1827 he married Jemima Lydia Gunn, sister to Mary Jane Gunn who married his brother William.

They had 7 children:

James Thomas Bradshaw       B 1828           D 1902
Robert Jillett Bradshaw          B 1830           D  1921
Mary Bradshaw                    B 1832
Susan Bradshaw                   B 1835           D  1835      14 days old New Norfolk
Charlotte Bradshaw Jillett      B 1835           D  1835       14 days old  New Norfolk
Louisa Bradshaw Jillett         B 1837            D  1858
Charles Bradshaw                B 1839

In the Lands Department records of 1823 it shows that James Bradshaw was granted 60 acres at Methven (York Plains).

James was listed as a farmer/hotelier.

In 1858 records show that he occupied 600 acres at Arundel, New Norfolk, comprising 600 acres, with an annual value of 55 pounds, and the Samuel Guy of Hobart Town was the owner.  James Bradshaw was the neighbour of Thomas Shone at New Norfolk.  Mention is also make of another parcel of 57 acres which had been granted to Robert Jillett.

James Bradshaw died in 1855 in New Norfolk.

Children . James Bradshaw & Jemima Gunn
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