7.10 Edward Frank Jillett and his family

Edward was born 6 May 1862 at Springfield in Van Diemens Land.  He died on 28th September 1947 at his home 107 Adelaide Street Clayfield and was cremated.  Edwards parents were Thomas and Mary Ann Jillett.

He married Flora Kathleen Cameron Christison at the Church of St Thomas at Hughenden on 28th October 1905.  He with other brothers came from Tasmania via Victoria and New South Wales to Queensland in August and September 1879.   Edward married when he was 43 years old.

He and Flora had 8 children.

                          Joyce Kathleen Jillett           b             1906                                                

                          Thomas Edward Jillett         b             1908                d 1908     
                          Clare Shone Jillett                 b            1909

                          Thomas Frank Jillett             b            1913                 

                          Jack Christison Jillett           b            1914                 d  1958     

                          Arthur Bruce Jillett (Ned)     b            1917                d 1982

                          Robert Edward Jillett            b            1919                d 1945 

                          Betty Flora Jillett                   b            1926                             

They lived at Cassilis Station, and then at Tambo, before moving to Clayfield in Brisbane in the 1940s

Clare Shone Jillett                                                                               

Clare was born in 1909, and she married James Lawrence King.  She lived at 35 Lukin Street Clayfield in the late 1940s.

Joyce Kathleen Jillett was born in 1906.  She married Roderick Mc Leod and lived at Woodford in the 1940s.

Betty Flora Jillett was born 1926.  She married Robert Scott Crichton, in 1946 and lived in Charleville.

They had the following children   Susan Clare Chrichton  
                                                            Peter Scott Crichton       
                                                            Diane Mary Crichton     


Children of Thomas & Mary Ann - Edward Frank Jillett
Thomas (back right) Jack (front right) Clare and Betty front left at Blackall Tennis 1930's
Ned and Tom with unknown man in the centre
Jack Christison Jillett married Dulcie Lilian Corbett at Coolabri 20th January 1946.

They had three children

Patricia Kathleen Jillett      
Robert Christison Jillett     
Garry William Jillett           
Edward married when he was 43 years old. He ordered Joyce and Clare out of the house And never spoke to the again.  He ordered Bob out when he was 16.

Ned also, and it is reported that Ned had more dinner times than dinners on the Diamintina.  The first question Ned asked when he returned from Japan where he was a Prisoner of War for 3 years, was Is dad dead yet?    A hard man, of hard times.
The Greendale house burnt down in 1920/21, it was a slab house with calico lining and portholes  where the women watched for blacks coming down from Gartmore. 

The new house was built (insurance funded) in 1922.   Tom always said that Bob burnt the house down but this hasnt been prooven.

Tambo some early photos, of the Telegraph Hotel, and the school.  A lot of Jillett's would have been at the school.  Collecting wood around Tambo in 1920's.

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Thanks to the estate of Mavis Jillett for these photos.
This photo shows the preparations for the wedding of Edward and Flora in 1905.

From the National Archives Photos.