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Elizabeth Bradshaw's lands on Norfolk Island
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*Records indicate that Elizabeth purchased land before she arrived, that seems highly unlikely, as the land dealings would be transacted on Norfolk Island.  Most probably someone has interpreted an incorrect date.  In those early days those that could write did so with quill and ink, and it is easy to see a 3 as a 7 or a 2 as a 3"

Manuscript map showing 94 numbered allotments for use by settlers on Norfolk Island in 1794 with relief shown by hachures. The coastline matches a later map 'Plan of the settlers lots and the ground cultivated for the public on Norfolk Island 1795' by William Neate Chapman showing 97 numbered lots and differs from a similar map 'A chart of Norfolk Island by Captain William Bradley RN' of 10th Oct. 1794.

"The land cultivated for the Crown is marked in Green".
In lower right margin: Copied by T.S. Townsend Febry. [1794?].

Elizabeth continued what she had done in Sydney and purchased land.
She owned Lot 42, which encompassed 60 acres.    
It was in an area called Phillipsburg and William Neate Chapman was the storekeeper!  William Chapman was a personal friend of Gov King.

The history of the dealings of Lot 42 is as follows:
*   Granted to Owen Cavanagh, a seaman from the Sirius arriving on Norfolk Island 6th March 1788. The rent was 1/- a year after 5 years from 16th May 1791. 
*  Sold to Robert Leggatt, convict who arrived in the Colony 23rd April 1792  (He left December 1805)    
*  Sold to William N Chapman, convict arrived on Earl Cornwallis prior to 1802 (Left  after Feb 1805)      ****Previous researchers have that information, which I am certain is incorrect.
  Rather, William Neate Chapman ran the store at Cascade Bay and he surveyed the land on Norfolk Island land firstly in 1794 into 94 lots then in 1796 into 97 lots.        He was not a convict.
*  Sold to William Dempsey a 1st Fleet Marine,   (left 26 December 1807)              
*  Sold to Elizabeth Bradshaw      
*  Sold 31st August 1802 to Thomas Chaffey convict  for 43 pounds arrived on Scarborough 7th August 1790 left        26th Dec 1807)

  (Records of the land dealings may be incorrect as Elizabeth probably purchased the land after she arrived in 1803.

Her first land purchase was Lot 42 near Cascade Bay.  To find this lot travel along Harpers Road towards Cascade Bay, then cross a creek and into Prince Philip Drive.  At this point the road is gravel, but follow the land towards the Cockpit Waterfall. 

Her immediate neighbour in 1803 was Joshua Peck and his family.  Joshua was allocated Lot 113, and various comments about his life can be found in the book "Morgan's Run".  Joshua, Mary and their children and Elizabeth and her children were all passengers on the ss Buffalo.

The most amazing part of this link is that Joshua's 5th great granddaughter is our  best friend!

Lot 42 is hilly, but bordered by a creek.  It seems to be currently used for grazing, but the highest part has great views to Cascade Bay.

She then purchased Lot 52 in the middle of the town.
Lot 52, which encompasses 60 acres.                

*  Granted to Charles Heritage, a 1st Fleet Marine  (left 26 October 1793)                                                                                                             
*  Sold to Thomas Restil Crowder, convict who arrived on Alexander, 2nd March 1789   (left 26 Dec 1807)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
*  Sold 30 acres on 1 Mar 1799 for 35 pounds to John Bentley convict arrived Neptune 23 April 1792      left 15 May 1808                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
*  Sold on 26 July 1803 with stock to Elizabeth Bradshaw      (left 1808)                                           
*   Sold 14 ½ acres on 4th July 1804 to William Dempsey                                                                                 
So Lot 52 had been subdivided in 1799 with only 30 acres of the original grant available.    

Of that 30 acres Elizabeth sold 14.5 acres to William Dempsey leaving her with 15 ½ acres.           She must have had another holding of 68.5 acres which has not been sourced. 

Elizabeth almost immediately bought land on Norfolk Island as John Bentley who purchased 30 - 60 acres of land at Norfolk Island from Thomas Crowder in 1799; this land subsequently sold by Bentley to Elizabeth Bradshaw in July 1803.

This land of Lot 52, is located in the middle of Norfolk Island, original granted to Charles Heritage (arrived Norfolk Island, Supply 1788 left October 1793), and owned by Nathaniel Lucas in 1796, of which 14 and a half acres were subsequently sold to William Dempsey by Elizabeth Bradshaw in January 1804. On 31 August 1803, Elizabeth Bradshaw sold sixty acres of land at Norfolk Island to Thomas Chaffey, in trust for his son Zachariah. - SRNSW Colonial Secretary's Papers 1788-1828, Fiche 3267; 9/2731 p.77 and Fiche 3267; 9/2731 p.81.

Again while this lot is a bit hilly it has a watercourse through the middle of it.  It's location is right in the middle of Burnt Pine. Follow the street called Village to the "Tin Shed's" accommodation and then down the driveway. 

In 1805 it is very likely that she purchased another 60 acres known as Lot 91 in the area known as Collins Head.

(Researchers had looked for this grant and did not find it being registered, mention was made that the land was in Sydney Bay near the present wharf, but lot 91 is at Balls Bay)

On departure Elizabeth is shown as holding 15 1/2 acres of cleared land and 68 ½ acres of uncleared.

Without a doubt Lot 91 is the best allotment of her three.

High, level, with fertile soil, and views to the Ocean.  Follow Collins Head Road, to Allen Dale Drive, and the land is on the left hand side as you drive down or behind the pink bushes!


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Records of baptisms by the Reverend Henry Fulton, at Norfolk Island, included in the parish of St. Philips, Sydney:

(i)  BRADSHAW or JILLET,  James              Norfolk Island    
                  1806 Mar 27                s. Robert Jillet & Eliza Bradshaw
                                                                b. Oct 11  1802
                             141/267                        St. Philips, Sydney
(ii)  BRADSHAW or JILLET,  Susanna         Norfolk Island
                           1806 Mar 27                    s.(sic) Robert Jillet & Eliza Bradshaw
                                                                b. Aug 1   1805
                             141/267                        St. Philips, Sydney
(iii)  BRADSHAW or JILLET,  William        Norfolk Island
                           1806  Mar 27                   s. Robert Jillet & Eliza Bradshaw
                                                                b. Sept 2  1803
                             141/267                        St. Philips, Sydney

[Note: the date of William's birth in the transcript is given as 1805,which would have conflicted with the birth of sister Susannah, however, he was recorded already on the February 1805 Muster, some months before the September date of birth given in the transcription.  When he died at Back River, New Norfolk 06OCT1859 his age was given as 59, consistent with a birth date of 02SEP 1800]

HOARE, Merval.  1982.  Norfolk Island, an outline of its history 1774 - 1981. 3rd Edition, University of Queensland Press.
Elizabeth Bradshaw's Norfolk Island born children were baptised by the Reverend Henry Fulton who was (p.29), "a protestant clergyman, transported from Ireland for sedition, arrived at Botany Bay in 1800, and was subsequently, for good behaviour, conditionally emancipated by Governor King, and sent to Norfolk Island to officiate there".
         Note: Norfolk population in February 1805 - 1078, by mid- 1805 - 712.            

1806, 12 December - Elizabeth Bradshaw was the only female signatory (of 80) to a memorial to Capt. Piper,  Commandant of Norfolk Island. [AONSW 4/11678]


BRADSHAW, Elizabeth - (Settler) Self and 4 children Off Stores;
                                                one free man employed
                                                         60 Ac - 2 Wheat, 13 Maize, 1 Barley, 44 Pasture
                                                         Sheep - 15 Males, 66 Females
                                                         250 bushels maize in hand
                                                         Hogs - 10 M, 11 F.
Norfolk Islands Records  -  1804  Elizabeth Bradshaw sold several lots of swine flesh to the government stores each time in her own name.

Muster of Norfolk Island, February 1805         Elizabeth Bradshaw  -  Free woman  -  off stores,  Children  James,  Mary Ann, William - off stores
Robert Jillett  - male convict  - labourer  off stores

1807 Muster
                          2nd august    Elizabeth Bradshaw  (settler) self and 4 children off stores
                                                    One free man employed
                                                    60 ac - 2 wheat, 13 maize, 1 barley, 44 pasture
                                                    Sheep 15 males, 66 females
                                                    250 bushels maize in hand
                                                    Hogs 10 M  11 F.

Further information can be read in the novel  The Forgotten Generation of Norfolk Island and Van Diemen's Land, by Reg Wright.

Mention in 1804 Colonial Papers
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