Wife and 5 children in England
Robert Jillett sometimes written as Gillett, and with an alias of Elston
convict twice sentenced to death born England arrived on Hillsborough 1799
Elizabeth Creamer born in England, came to Australia as a free woman, onboard the Hillsborough  1799
Thomas Bradshaw married Elizabeth Creamer convict on Hillsborough, presumed dead
d. England
Mary Ann Bradshaw born England
b. Sydney
b. Sydney
b. Norfolk Is
b Norfolk Is
Eliza Jillett
b. Norfolk Is
Robert Jillett
b. Hobart
Frederick Jillett
b/d Hobart
b. Hobart
Thomas Jillett
b Hobart
John Jillett
b Hobart
m Mary Ann Shone
Alfred Charles
Jillett b1845
George Jillett  b 1847
Henric Jillett
b 1848
Jillett b 1867
Amy Jillett
b 1864
Thomas Shone Jillett b 1850
Francis Powell Jillett  b 1852
d 1859
Amelia Mary Jillett
b 1854
d 1859
Louisa Susannah
Jillett  b 1856 d 1859
Arthur James Jillett
b 1858
Fanny Ellen Jillett b 1860
Edward Frank Jillett
All these children were born over 22 years!
m Catherine Phillips
Frank Alfred Jillett
b 1879
Reginald George Jillett
b 1881 d 1882
Eileen Mary Jillett
b 1885
Katie Isabella Jillett
b 1888
Reginald George Augustus Jillett
b 1890
m Claude Annesley
p Samuel Herron
Dorothea Annesley
b/d 1911
Valerie Annesley
Claude Dalgleish Annesley
changed name 1940 Dale Herron
James William Herron
Wilfred Patrick Herron
Ronald James Herron
John Dale Herron
Alan Frederick Herron
Maree Ann Herron
Hazel Joy Herron
Generational Chart just where do we fit in?
Ethel Margaret Schossow

1st Generation

2nd Generation
3rd Generation
4th Generation

5th Generation
Robert and Elizabeth had 68 Grandchildren
Married in 1812