John Jillett's Family   Blanch Adelaide Jillett
Tony Beach has supplied information of his research into his family.  This arm of the Jillett family settled in Beaconsfield.

Blanche Adelaide Jillett was born in 1886.  Her father was Robert Alfred Jillett b 1840, and her mother Sophia Susan Whiteway b 1850.

Their family home still stands today in Beaconsfield.   Robert and Sophia (b 5 August 1850 in Bothwell) were married on 22 August 1867 at the home of Mrs Josiah Triffett, Bothwell Tasmania.

Robert and Sophia had 12 children.  Those children were:

Constance Sophia Jillett       b   1868
Rose Phoebe Jillett                b   1870
Robert Victor Jillett               b   1872
Gertrude Emily Jillett           b   1874
Walter Race Jillett                b   1876
Eustace John Wigmore         b   1879
Unnamed Male                      b   1880
Herbert Harry Jillett             b    1882
Blanche Adelaide Jillett       b    1886
Lucy Marion Jillett               b    1889
Edwin Ashley Jillett              b    1893
Tasman George Jillett          b    1896

Robert Alfred Jillett died in 1921, aged 82, and is buried at the Beaconsfield General Cemetery, Old Anglican.
Sophia Susan Whiteway, was born 5th August 1850 in Bothwell, and she died 22nd August 1921 at Beaconsfield. She is buried at the Beaconsfield General Cemetery, next to her husband.  She was 70 when she died.

Sophia Susan Whiteway was born in 1850 in Bothwell Tasmania.

Her parents were Robert Whiteway b 1802 and Ellen Wigmore  B  1829.  Robert and Ellen were married in 1848.

Their children were  Ellen Whiteway                     b  1848
                                   Sophia Susan Whiteway       b  1850
                                   Catherine Franc Whiteway  b  1852
                                   Adelaide Whiteway               b   1854
                                   Emily Louisa Whiteway        b   1856
                                   Robert Whiteway                   b  1858

Robert Whiteway was born 21st January 1802, and baptised 26th February 1802 in Highworth, Wiltshire England.  He was the last of seven children born to William and Betty (Elizabeth) Whiteway.  William was a labourer of Eastrop.  On 7th August 1821 he was sentenced in Gloucester Gaol, to transportation for life to Van Dieman's Land and departed on the Prince of Orange on 1st April 1822.  Elizabeth Whiteway, of Eastrop was buried at Highworth on 27th March 1813 aged 57.

Robert Whiteway died 8th May 1865 in his residence "White Hart Inn", Bothwell, aged 58 years.  He is buried in the Bothwell Municipal Cemetery, General.

Ellen Whiteway died in 1861, aged 33 years.  She is buried in Bothwell Cemetery General.  She was born in 1829 in Lancashire, England.

Blanche Adelaide Jillett married Walter Spring Beach on 27th January 1914 at Beaconsfield.

Blanche died in 1966 aged 79 years, and she is buried at the Queenstown General Cemetery.  Her husband Walter died in 1947, aged 64 year, he is also buried at Queenstown Cemetery.

Walter and Blanche were Tony Beach's grandparents.