John Jillett's Home Eldergrove
The current owner of Eldergrove, Erica Norgrove and her husband, is a distant relation of John Jillett.

Erica was unaware of the connection, until this website was created, and naturally she is pretty excited with the link to her past.

John Jillett's grandaughter, Nel, daughter of his son John Jillett may have been born at the family property.

Nel married Charles John Lodge.  Charles was born in 1897 and is the son of Charles Lodge b 1865 and Margaret Macardle b 1862.

Charles Lodge 1862 is the son of Joseph Lodge b 1821 and Julia Rigby.
Charles Lodge is the brother of Ann Jane Lodge b 1859.  Nel would be Ann Lodge's sister-in-law.

Ann Lodge married Charles Lyndon.  Their son Clarrie is Erica's grandfather.  Clarrie would be Nel's nephew by marriage.

Joseph Lodge and Julia Rigby were both convicts - Joseph had an inn called York Inn at Tunbridge.  They are both buried at Tunbridge right beside the highway.

Ann Lodge and Charles Lyndon lived in Oatlands where Charles was a trooper and later a policeman.  He retired while still in the police force and ended up chief of police at Evandale and Longford.  Clarrie and his siblings were born at Oatlands.

Erica also believes that Jillett's Railway Inn is the house that she now owns, and that the "cottage" in the yard, which has been demolished, may have been the original house.  The rubble of the cottage was still in the yard when Erica bought the property and she has managed to salvage a few of the stones, and has cleared up the rubble.

Thanks to Erica for this update.