Marriage to Robert Jillett 1812
Life continued in Hobart.  Elizabeth held a grant for land in the middle of town at Campbell Street.

In 1811 Frederick Bradshaw (Jillett) was born, but while his death was recorded in Thomas Jillett's
bible (whereabouts unknown).

On 4th March 1812, Elizabeth's daughter, Mary Ann Bradshaw married Charles Horan at St David's Cathedral. 

Neither Mary Ann nor her husband were able to write evidently, as they both signed their
marriage certificate with a cross.  They were married by Robert Knopwood, Colonial Chaplain.

On April 4, 1812, Robert Jillett and Elizabeth Bradshaw were married by the Reverend Robert Knopwood at St. David's
Cathedral.  From their marriage certificate, it appears both could write, although often Robert was known as Gillett, or

(Robert indicates on his marriage certificate that he is a widower.  In fact as there was no chance of a convict ever getting back to
England to his wife, then on Norfolk Island and in Sydney the Commandants looked on the marriages as dissolved, and the
convicts were allowed to live together or to take another partner and on both Norfolk Island and in Sydney there were so few
women that many lived together so the authorities preferred co-habitation (or jumping over the broomstick) for a man and woman,
rather than the man to live as a homosexual.  In fact the Government even sent a shipload of women not long after the first
settlement, purely to provide comforts to the male prisoners and to populate the Colony.  One such ship was known as the
"Floating Brothel".)

The first child to be born after their marriage was Robert.  He was baptised on 15th November, 1812.   
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On 31st January, 1814 a CONDITIONAL PARDON No 323 was sent by the ship ACTIVE and arrived in the River Derwent on
22nd March 1814.  It had been sent to B.L.Desrory.

November 1814, Comment from some Official Quarters, "There are no titles on record, whereby a right can be claimed, as
individual property by Mr. Jillett", re the house in Collins Street.

Charlotte Jillett was born 25th August 1815, and she was baptised St David's Cathedral on 15th September 1815.

With her marriage to Robert assured, the life of Elizabeth seemed to take a backward step. Here she was a battler, a business person in
her own right, a free settler, and by marriage he was able to lay claim to all her property.  Wonder who was the smart one in that

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