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Norfolk Island - Convict life
Life as a convict  -  Consider the routine set in place for the residents of Norfolk Island   by  Commander King

                                                 Those poor souls who defied his rules would end up buried in the cemetery.

1.No person is to absent himself from public worship which will begin every Sunday morning at eleven o’clock in the commandant’s house, when every one will come  clean and orderly, and behave themselves devoutly.

2. The hours of work are as follows: until further orders, to begin work at day-light, and work till half past seven; at half past eight, to work again until half past eleven;  and then to work again at two until sun-set.

3. In order to encourage the cultivation of gardens, everyone will have the Saturdays to clear away and cultivate gardens for themselves; and those who  are industrious will be encouraged, but those who mis-apply that indulgence will be deprived of it.

4.On application, at the proper time of the year, seeds will be distributed to those who have cleared away garden ground; and those who raise the greatest quantity of seeds and vegetables will be encouraged and rewarded.

5.The women are to sweep round the houses or tents every morning, and to cook the victuals for the men; and every person is strictly forbid cleaning any fish or fowls in or near the houses, but to go to the sea-side for that purpose.

6.Every person is strictly forbid going near Turtle Bay, and those who are found in it, or going there, will be instantly and severely punished.

7.The women are to collect the dirty linen belonging to the men every Friday, and to return each man his proper linen, washed and mended on the Sunday morning.

8.No person is to cut down or destroy any banana tree.

9.Exchanging or selling cloaths by the convicts is strictly forbid.  As their cloathing is the property of the crown, they are not to dispose of it. A disobedience of this order will be deemed a theft, and met with a suitable punishment.  It is recommended to every one to be careful of their cloathing and bedding, as accidents may happen which may prevent a speedy supply.

10.Great care is to be taken of all the tools; each man taking his axe or hoe to his tent, or delivering them to the the store-keeper, that they may not be injured by the, that they may not be injured by the weather.

        From “Punishment Short of Death”            A History of the Penal Settlement at Norfolk Island by Margaret Hazzard
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