Proving a theory! Was Claude Annesley who he said he was?
Who Was Claude Harold Annesley?

Claude Harold Annesley by his own admission provided information about his life prior to arriving in Australia.

He nominated the names of his mother, his father, and where he was born. 

From his Army Records he nominated that he had been in Boer War, and had suffered from malaria.

Very few clues indeed.  

He married Katie Isabella Jillett in 1910.

They had three children, Dorothea, (deceased), Valarie and Claude.

Enrolled in the Australian Army in 1916 in Bowen

Returned from the Army and he and Katie lived on a Soldier’s settlement in Orallo, near Roma in Queensland.

He left sometime after 1921 and took Valarie with him.

Then he simply vanished!

No mention at all of a life led in England, other than he kept a Wedding Notice relating to Hon Annesley who married in England in 1912. 

His son Claude Dalgleish Annesley, changed his name by deed poll in 1940, and thereafter was known as Dale Herron.

Dale’s wish was to find his father.  Dale died before that could be achieved, but I am sure he would have been totally shocked at what I have discovered of his father’s life in England.

His grandson at Dorothea's grave at Bowen.  It is an unmarked grave!