Why was the solicitor trying to find Claude?
Who was Arthur B Elwin Esq?

Arthur Brooke Elwin was the son of Edwin Elwin Esquire, a solicitor at Dover in Kent.

He married in 1893 in Dover Cecile Lydia von Lenthe from Switzerland.  They were married by the groom’s uncle
Rev Arthur Elwin.  Rev. Elwin was quite well-known, and wrote several books about his time as a missionary in, China.

Arthur Elwin also witnessed the Marriage Certificate of James Henry Sedgwick and Ellen Dumergue Jennings in Hanchow, Cheh-Kiang Province in
China in 1881.

Co-incidence?   Very likely.

The firm became known as Knocker, Elwin and Lambert, Solicitors and eventually the firm over several years merged to become Bradley’s Solicitors,
who still operate in Dover in Kent.

The records pertaining to Knocker, Elwin and Lambert are stored in the National Archives, England, and I have requested a copy of any information
pertaining to Lt Claude Annesley in those files.

How would Arthur have known Lt Claude Annesley?

Claude must have corresponded with Arthur Elwin at some time, because the letter was addressed c/- Bowen, Queensland. 

Claude left Bowen in 1916 when he joined the AIF.

However from Claude’s Army records it is a fact that he spent quite a lot of time in England, recuperating from his illnesses
Perhaps he spent time with his father in Kent during the time he was in England?
Did Claude ever receive his letter from Elwin?  Did the contents of the letter then change Claude’s life?

Questions!    Questions!