The Callington Mill Marquee
The Callington Mill has been owned by two members of the Jillett Family.

Thomas's nephew John Bradshaw operated the Mill for some time, and in 1857 he advertised the mill for sale in the local papers.
The advertisement stated that the mill had a lease of 3 years and 4 months.

John Bradshaw married Maria Bacon, and their eldest son George became a millwright at the mills.

After being in the Jillett Family for 17 years the mill was sold again in 1881 for only £1040

Research indicates that when Thomas bought the complex for £2400, that included several homes.
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Visitors to Oatlands will be able to wander the unique Georgian streets, pause for a while and admire the many building owned by the Jillett Family, and step back in time when they inspect the working flour mill, the only one of its kind in Australia.

Local bakers will bake bread from the milled wheat.  What a temptation that will be!

The tourist office will be in the Mill house, there is a restaurant in the mill stables and the grounds are surrounded by stone walls.

Truly an experience not to miss when visiting Tasmania.

On our visit to Oatlands we also searched for the graves of Thomas and his family, and were shocked when we discovered the condition of the grave in the local cemetery at St Peters Anglican Church just down from the Mill in Williams Street.

It became increasingly obvious to us that there was great historical significance between the Mill and the Family crypt.

Oatlands will no doubt have many tourists eager to experience not only the workings of the Mill and the Miller, and enjoy the fresh bread, but will want to learn more about the life and times of those who lived in the area 150 years ago.  To view the Mill, see a photo of the owners, and then to see that their grave was a mass of rubble, would be a real disappointment for most tourists. 

There are two Jillett Family Crypts in the St Peter's Anglican Cemetery, one built by John Jillett and one by Thomas Jillett.  They did not build them for themselves but rather in memory of their 7 children who all died within 6 weeks of each other in 1859, of scarlet fever.


The restoration of Thomas's Crypt is a project which we are hopeful of achieving, and which when completed will provide another Historical place
of interest for the visitors of Oatlands, Tasmania and one which, through the restoration, recognised the plight of all the young children who died early in their life, and who never had a chance to be part of Australia's history.
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The memorial crypts in St Peter's Oatlands Cemetery.  John Jillett's Crypt is the resting place of his 4 children, and in the Thomas Jillett Crypt, rhs, 3 of his children are remembered.  All died Jan/Feb 1859.
1906, the sails blew off in the wind, and then a fire destroyed the mill
The sails are put in place
The Mill Garden

This story would not have begun if it was not for the Callington Mill in Oatlands Tasmania.  We knew that Thomas Jillett owned the Callington Mill, and we set off on a holiday to have a look.  What we eventually found certainly surprised us.  We had no idea that the Callington Mill was being restored into a working flour mill, destined as a Tourist Attraction in Oatlands. 
The Mill opened 28th November 2010  
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