Claude Annesley - WW1
In Flanders Fields  -  flat and waterlogged
The place of terrible battles - Great movie of the same name
                              Inside the trenches
One of many cemeteries and Memorials to the dead
    Tyne Cot Memorial to Australians
Menin Gate - Symbolic entrance to the town of Ypres on 90th Anniversary 2008
Ypres Cloth Hall War Museum
Lest We Forget
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One could not describe just how difficult it would have been as a soldier fighting in the Western Front in Belgium and France during World War 1.
To visit those places is a very moving experience.  To walk in their shoes and to feel how they suffered fighting in a far away country, we could never fully understand how it was during the War years. So much loss of life, so many maimed and left to die on a muddy flat field.

But, those that are left behind are well cared for in the countless war graves dotted in an around all the towns.  Hundreds of thousands of them
If ever you get a chance to visit Europe, be sure to spend some time in Ypers and France.  For those that cannot visit, we would like to share some photos with you
Claude was sent to the Western Front, only he barely had any time on the battlefield.  Rather he was in the sick bay more times than he was out.
In the end the Army sent him back to Australia!