7.1.1 Frank Alfred Jillett & Marcia Cran Richardson




Children of Alfred & Catherine  - Frank Alfred Jillett
For some unknown reason Katie Jillett must have never mentioned to her family of the whereabouts of her older brother Frank.

It would seem that in the letter that their mother wrote when she visited Hobart to visit Thomas when he was dying, that she called him Alf.

The great thing about doing the family research is re-connecting  with other families who are Thomas and Mary Ann Jillett's descendents.
These photos show Frank Alfred Jillett  (1879 d 1946) and with Marcia Cran Richardson at their marriage.

Marcia's family worked in the sugar cane industry in the Wide Bay area.

It is also amazing to notice the strong resemblance between different members of Alfred and Catherine's family.   Frank's grand daughter Jan Russell has provided all the photos of Frank's family.

Frank and Marcia had four children.  Marcia, Richard, Harold and Tasma.

Tasma is still alive at the time of writing.
Frank with young Marcia                                                       Marcia, Richard and Harry                                                                                              Tasma Jillett
Marcia Jillett marriage, Tasma in front brother and family included in the photo
Marcia with Grandma
Richard (Dick) and Harry                                                  Tasma with her dog Biffy
Richard Jillett in WW2                                                                                            Harry Jillett in WW2
also fought for Canada in Korean War
Harry Jillett married Pauline Hedley
Cousins, Katie's Grandson John and Franks grand daughter Jan with Jan's daughter Emma (who is almost the image of John's daughter Joanne
Jan Russell - Thank you for your contribution to this website
Joanne and Emma are third cousins.
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