Harry Jillett & Herbert George Jillett
Harry was known as Harry Jillett, Harry Jillet, Harry Gillett and Harry Robinson.  This makes him pretty elusive, and why would he want to be known under the different names?

Well a lot has to do with the spelling of his surname.  But why Robinson?  Well his father was not around, and his mother died when he was young.  The children were brought up by another family, and Robinson was his mother's maiden name.
Death Certificate of Herbert George Jillett, son of Harry Jillett

Harry Jillett's Marriage Certificate
This story is to be found in the http://newspapers.nla.gov.au site  and relates to Harry Jillett

The Brisbane Courier (Qld) Wednesday 7th September 1921

A Remarkable Case

Unusual circumstances attended a case of false pretences heard in the Toowoomba Circuit Court yesterday, when Walter Gillett, who pleaded guildy to two separate charges, was sentenced to two years imprisonment on each charge, the sentences to be concurrent.  The Crown Prosecutor (Mr Kingsbury) stated that the accused went into the Q.N. Bank Toowoomba, at a time when the regular teller was absent on holidays, and a teller from a country centre was relieving.  The accused introduced himself as "Gillett, from St George" and said he was down to buy cattle at a sale in Toowoomba.

As it happened there was a resident of St George named Jillett.  Accused presented that he had forgotten his cheque book, and asked the teller for a blank cheque form, and also asked him to fill it up for him.  The teller filled in the form for £30, accused signed it, and the teller foolishly cashed it.  Two or three days afterwards accused called at a suburban hotel in Toowoomba, where he spent money freely, and said that he was a son of the late "Mr. Jillett" of St George. 

He asked the proprietor of the hotel if he would cash a cheque for him and said "the teller at the Q.N. Bank knows me.  The hotelkeeper replied that he would go to the bank with him.  At the bank the teller identified the "man from St George", but in this case the publican endorsed the cheque which was for £40, so he lost the money, not the tell who cashed it.

In three days the man raised £70.  Mr Kingsbury said the accused was "one of those gentlemen from the South who think we are unduly lenient in Queensland".  He read a list of previous convictions for forgery and uttering false pretences, against accused in New South Wales, dating from 1912.  Accused had a number of aliaces, said they were not sure that Gillett was his right name.  None of the money obtained by accused had been refunded.  His Honour, in sentencing the accused said that he was one of the unfortunate class of persons who were always signing cheques and always getting caught, and he would have to protect the

Poor Harry or now he has added Walter to his name, wonder where that came from?  But we know that his father is Mr Jillett!
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C.N. Bank Building in Toowoomba, and the Court House and Jail in Toowoomba...  from Qld Archives
Harry and Pearl had at least one child,  Adella Pearl Jillett who married Reginald Smith in Carinda NSW in 1937.  Records show that they were still living in Carinda in 1953.  Her mother Pearl Isabel Jillett (nee Hall) married someone called Anderson, then she married William R. Jones in Gundagai in 1931.  She died in 1956.
The Tent Hill Hall now known as Emmaville NSW  Tin mining was carried out here.