Katie Jillett and Samuel Herron

James Samuel Herron                      Daleís Step Dad                            Link to      James William Herron             Wilfred Herron                                                                                                                       

   Parents:                 James Herron                  Married 1892                    Catherine Mary Evans                      Step Grandad and grandmum                      

George Knight Herron     B 1890  (His birth was only registered in his motherís name and her name was shown as Kate Evans, then also in  
                                                                  1890 his birth records were changed to Herron, although no fatherís name was ever on the birth certificate

Sarah                                 B      1892                       Died 1893                         

Florence Ethel                 B            1895       Married                Edward Stephenson
Grace Kathleen                B            1897       Married                William Robert  Mc Gregor 1928
Samuel James                  B            1900                       D 14/9/1959       With Katie Isabelle Annesley  (Married to Claude Harold Annesley 1910)
Margaret Ella                  B             1902 and this time the birth certificate shows  that the spelling of Catherine was Katherine Margaret
                                                                                                 married Edgar Harold Stephenson in 1924                                             (Cronje)
William Francis            B             1906


Samuelís Step Children
                                  Hazel Dorothea                                B 1911                       D 1911
                                  Valerie Iris                                            B 1916                  D 25/3/1986
                                  Dalgleish                                              B 18/7/21             D 2004

Samuelís Children                                                                                                                                                         

                                 James William   Herron                                 B  11th May 1924  D 7/04/2007
                                Wilfred Patrick Herron                                  B

The family lived on Yingubay Station near Roma, and at some stage nearly all of them lived around Moorooka and Salisbury.

The parents Samuel James (or Jim) and Catherine Mary moved from the Roma area, and in 1925 Catherine was living at Buranda with George.  In 1943 along with James and George she was still at Salisbury St, Buranda.

George Knight Herron was in WW1 and he was taken POW at Reincort.  He served in the 15th Light Horse and saw action on the Western Front.  From census records he did not marry, and often lived with his parents throughout his life.  He worked as a labourer and a cleaner.  He died on 10th March 1968 and his address at the time was 61 Brisbane Road, Labrador.  He may have died intestate, as his solicitor at the time contacted the army for a copy of his will.

Florence Ethel Herron married Edward Stephenson, and they lived Hensen Road Salisbury

Grace Kathleen Herron worked at Chinchilla at the Hotel in the census of 1919 and she married William Robert McGregor  from Chinchilla, in 1928, and he worked in the railways.  They moved often, and in the 1943 census they were living in Booval, in 1949 they were again back at Salisbury.

Samuel James (Jim) Herron partnered Katie Isabelle Annesley (nee Jillett).  They lived on many stations including some time at Orallo where Florence and Edward also lived.  He and Katie seemed to be together right up until about 1949, and from there he chose to go back out west and she lived at Salisbury with her son Dale and his wife Ethel.

In letters that Katie wrote in 1953 just 11 days prior to her death, she  mentioned Jim, which seem to indicate her son Jim, who had plant and equipment for fencing,  but not her husband Jim.   She indicated that she would be going to live with Wilfred their youngest son, who had returned from Japan in 1948, and who was living at Bargara in Bundaberg.

Records show that he was living out west with his son Jim, and Jimís record of events mentions that also.

Margaret Ella Herron married Edward Stephenson, and they lived in Hensen Road Salisbury and then in the 1954 census at 146 Ness Road, Salisbury.    Edward and Edgar were brothers, and they came from a family of 12 children, born to John Edward Stephenson and his wife Ada Mary Jackson.

William Francis Herron married Esther Isabella (surname unknown).  They lived throughout their life at Blackburn St, Moorooka.

During his life, Dale often mentioned his cousin Norma Stephenson,  who was a nurse.  She must have been the daughter of either Margaret or Florence.

Katie Jillett & Samuel Herron
Jim and Katie at Dale's wedding 1946
Jim Herron with his sons Jim and Wilfred
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