WILFRED PATRICK HERRON                                                                              

Wilfred Patrick Herron married Gweneth Joan Bauer  on 27th August 1955, in Barolin St Methodist Church at Bundaberg at 12.30pm.  Gweneth was the daughter of Clive Bauer and Mabel Tasker.

Jo-Anne Gweneth Joan Bauer, was born 8/10/1936 at The Klady Chelmsford Hospital Bundaberg and Weighed 7lb 8 oz.

She changed her name from Gweneth Joan Herron to Jo-AnneHerron

She died of a cerebral haemorrhage  -  ruptured aneurysm

Wilfred (Wilf) entered the Military Services with the Aust Imperial Forces on   

                                                9th March 1946 - 30th June 1947  

                                                Interim Army                  1st July 1947 - 2nd April 1948

His Service Number is      QX500170

The total period he served was      756 days

Active Service Australia                254 days

Active Service overseas                 491 days                        (British Commonwealth Occupation Forces - Japan)

Discharged Date                         2nd April 1948

Military service                Between 9th March 1946 - 2nd April 1948 - Aust Imperial Forces, BCOF (Japan)

His personal description at completion of service reads:         Height  5 ft 71/2 inches; Green eyes; Fair hair; with a scar on his right knee

His cause of Death:                    Metastatic adenocarcinoma pancreas (pancreas and liver cancer)

Children of Wilfred (Wilf)  and Joanne

Rodney (Rod) Glenn Herron         B 21/3/1956  at Roma

Russell James Herron                   B 8/10/1959 in Bundaberg

Wilf had an interesting life in regards to school and work.

From 1933 to 1935 he attended Horshoe Lagoon State School at Roma with his two brothers.   They lived at Orallo, Roma

From 1935 - 1937 he attended Salisbury State School in Brisbane and lived at Keats St Moorooka

From 1938 to 1940 he attended Tansy School and Manumbur.

He worked in various locations including       

1940 - 43          Lowes Service Station Ipswich Road, Brisbane and lived at                  Salisbury

1943 - 45          South Brisbane Tobacco Co, Stanley St Sout Brisbane and lived at       Salisbury

1946 - 48          Army

1948 - 51          Fencing Contractor at Roma

1952 - 53          Fencing Contractor at Alpha

1954 - 57          Canecutter at Bundaberg and lived at Burnett Heads

1957 - 58          Bundaberg Harbour Board and lived at       MS 108 North Bundaberg

1959                 Sullivan Tug Co as a deckhand in Bundaberg

1959 - 61          Tugmaster at Bowen Constructions

1961 - 62          Tugmaster and Crane driver Mc Donald Constructions

1962 - 76          Cane Harvesting Contractor Mackay and lived at 10 High St, Mackay

1976 - 82          Petes Nut Products at Walkerston, Mackay

1983 - 84          Wormald (Part time) and lived at               6 Pugsley St Walkerston

1984 - 85          Evans Avenue

Operator serviceman - Security and as a groundsman

Wilfred Patrick Herron
Holding brother Dale's horse
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